We are closing our doors Charity Motorsports

I am deeply saddened to let you know that Charity Motorsports will be closing its doors soon. My vision for our dealership was to create a new type of car buying customer experience, featuring clean, late model vehicles, where 100% of profits would be donated to local charities. However, our experiment in entrepreneurial philanthropy has not been successful, and we are unfortunately unable to overcome complex market circumstances inherent in the pre-owned car business.   In the meantime, for those of you interested in a car upgrade, watch our website for special price reductions as we wind down our inventory to zero.  We will close the business by August 15th.
For those of you who we have respectfully called customers over the last 3 and a half years...THANK YOU.  Your trust in us and your contribution to our efforts is the thing that has most motivated our little team, and we very much appreciate you.
Thank you and God bless,
Gregg Burt
Owner, Charity Motorsports